Built To Last

Award-Winning Designers

Brad Ascalon

Brad Ascalon’s eponymous award-winning studio was founded in 2006 and he is widely regarded as one of the leading American design voices of his generation. With a reductive approach to his craft, Ascalon believes in design that is uncomplicated, rational and manages to find the perfect balance of form, function and concept.


The unmatched industrial vision of the Metrica design team is inspired by a global mindset and local codes. Their expertise in handcrafted design has been recognized on the world stage through numerous international design awards, including the prestigious Compassod’Oro. Chief Designer Robin Rizzini led the development of our first collections. 

It Matters How It's Made

Authentic Craftsmanship

We make all our furniture in Italy. Here we work with some of the world’s finest furniture craftsmen with an eye for detail that’s passed through generations.

To make sure our furniture is as sturdy as it’s beautiful we work with technical engineers that share a lifetime of experience in furniture making.

The quality of every piece of furniture we produce is guaranteed through the unmatched experience combined with the latest technology of our partners.

Carefully Selected Materials

Quality is in the materials. There’s a certain feel, look and sensation that can’t be replicated. Every material we use is deliberately selected for it’s quality and with sustainability in mind.


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