Made by hand

Made by hand

We come from a long line of furniture makers. Our passion for uncompromising quality is the backbone of our company. We use top grade, sustainable materials and work with only the finest artisans.

The principles and values that guide our work originated in a small Norwegian wood workshop and metal factory in the 1950s. As third-generation furniture makers, we still put the craft and the product first every day.

We have products that have taken us more than 3 years to develop. Every new product we decide to bring to the market must have the potential to become a heirloom piece - a piece of furniture that can be enjoyed for generations. It takes skilled artisans and engineers to not only bring visionary product concepts to life, but also to make sure that every piece meets the highest quality standards.

Wood has always been the core material in Scandinavian design. Our wood furniture is made in some of the best workshops and factories in Europe. First-class certified wood is carefully selected from controlled cultivations. Some product components are made using advanced 5-axis CNC technologies to achieve the sculpted details in several of our collections. Each wood part is thereafter meticulously sanded and assembled to achieve the best possible fit in the wood’s unique structure and color. Finally, natural oils or water-based finishes are applied to protect the surface. Every single product is built by hand.

On a tour of our wood factory in Pordenone

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  • All our wood products are built for hand in European workshops and factories
  • We use FSC-certified wood and re-constituted veneers
  • The wood is responsibly harvested from controlled cultivations in Europe and North America.
  • Re-constituted veneers are made of up to 50% recycled wood combined with fast growing wood species.
  • We never ever use tropical timber.

Upholstered furniture brings tactile comfort to a space – the colors and patterns of textiles play an integral role in giving a space an identity. That’s why we put an extraordinary amount of effort into finding the perfect fabrics and leathers for our pieces.

We hand select materials from some of the most progressive mills and tanneries in the world. Kvadrat, Nevotex, Designtex, Sørensen, Rohi, Emmedue and Dani are some of the companies that share our dedication to quality and sustainability.

Just like us, these companies work with recognized designers to develop new textures and colors. All fabrics and leathers are contract-grade quality with very high durability. This means Martindale from 40,000 to more than 100,000. Kvadrat uses up to 45% recycled wool in some of its fabrics. Sørensen makes sustainable leathers that have received the Nordic Swan Ecolabel. The entire process, from the coloring of the fibers to the carding, spinning and weaving is done by skilled artisans. Each company’s focus on quality control from start to finish is unparalleled. Every yard is examined up to three times. If after many years of use a cover needs to be replaced, most of our upholstered furniture is designed to make this possible.

  • Contract grade fabrics and leathers from progressive companies such as Kvadrat, Nevotex, Designtex, Emmedue, Rohi, Sørensen and Dani.
  • Fabrics with up to 100,000+ Martindale (rub count) suitable for commercial spaces as well options that are kids and pet friendly.
  • Sustainable fabrics and leathers with environmental certifications.
  • High degree of recycled fibers in some fabrics and several leathers with chrome-free tanning.

Our fabric & leather finishes

Steel has a strength not found in any other material. We use steel to achieve the clean, minimalist design that characterizes our collections. In fact, our roots go back to mechanic work so we have a special appreciation for the craft. 

Crafted by skilled artisans who have mastered the art of seamless welding, all of our steel components are made in Sweden and Italy. The extreme durability of our steel components comes from a welding process that melts two pieces of steel so they fuse and form a secure joint. We use both MIG and TIG welding techniques depending on the application of the component. We achieve the clean surfaces that are crucial for our furniture through precision welding and high-quality powder coating of the components. Steel is one of the most eco-friendly materials used in interior design due to its strength and its possibility for endless recycling. Swedish steel is the cleanest in the world with up to 30% recycled content.

  • S335J2 grade Swedish steel with 30% recycled content and 30% less carbon emissions than American steel
  • High quality, seamless welding to ensure clean surfaces
  • Environmentally friendly powder coating that provides a softer look and strong protection

Our metal finishes

Materials Passport

You’ll find more detailed info about what we’re doing in our annual report. Here we also link our actions to the UN Sustainable Development goal goals designed to be a blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all.

Hand made from natural materials

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