Top 10 Modular Sofas

Love Civil for their customizable storage systems.

This reversible table is amazing. Two tables for the price of one!

Civil marries high-end design with direct-to-consumer convenience

Civil perfectly brings a Scandinavian history to modular living

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Scandinavian Design

Civil is a New York based furniture brand with Scandinavian roots. We collaborate with recognized designers to make furniture for the urban lifestyle. Our collections are handmade in some of the world's best workshops and factories. 

✓ Award-winning designers 
✓ Made in Italy 
✓ Fair prices direct-from-the-maker

Carbon-Neutral Footprint

We make it a little easier for you to choose the green path. The carbon footprint of products shouldn't be left to chance. We take actions to eliminate our carbon emissions all the way from design to manufacturing and transportation. Combined these actions bring us one step closer to sustainable living.

✓ All our products are guaranteed carbon neutral

Made for City Living

We make furniture for urban nomads. People with blurred lines between how and where they live, work and play. As we move from place to place and city to city, floorplans and needs will inevitably change.

✓ Ground-breaking flexibility
✓ Integrated wireless charging
✓ A breeze to mount and move


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