Furniture For Now, For Life

Today, more than half of the world’s population lives in cities. In twenty years it will reach 70% - 7 billion city dwellers. That’s an inevitable strain on cities. On communities. On the environment.

We're global citizens with a belief in eco-living. A way of life that positively impacts our community. Greener, cleaner cities make city living better for everyone. To us, it’s natural to start with the home. Greener homes create greener cities.

We do this by making the best in sustainable design accessible to more people. Furniture that lasts in style and quality. We soften our footprint with honest materials such as sustainable leather and re-constituted wood.

Each day we get a step closer to our ambition: carbon neutral. Through our own actions and our contribution to the urban environment that surrounds us.

The Clean-Air Initiative

We’re excited to share that we’re adding state-of-the-art air cleaning technology to our designs. Based on research from NASA, this eco-design breakthrough works in the same way plants clean the air.

We add the technology at less than our cost. It’s our commitment to helping more city dwellers breathe clean air in their homes.

Clean, fresh air in the heart of the city.


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