Our Story

Our Story

Made For City Living

Civil is a furniture line designed for urban nomads. People with blurred lines between how and where they live, work and play. As we move from place to place, city to city or continent to continent, floorplans and needs will inevitably change.

Our designers create furniture for spaces that are ever-changing yet always feel like home.

The Team Behind Civil

We’re third generation Scandinavian furniture makers. Designers, craftsmen, innovative thinkers and everything in between. From our base in New York we combine our passion for design and furniture with first-hand experience of what city life calls for. 

In short, Civil is a reflection of our behavior as a brand and as fellow city livers & lovers. We work to let more people enjoy Scandinavian designer furniture while treating both people & our planet with respect.

Direct from the maker

Designer Furniture At Fair Prices

To get the best in furniture you have had to accept high prices. Or if it's affordability you want there's been a compromise on design and quality.

At Civil, there are no corners cut. We put design, innovation and quality first. Our difference from traditional high-end brands is that we sell our furniture exclusively through our online store and pop-up spaces. This means our prices are 40-50% less than comparable designer furniture. You will never foot the bill for importers, distributors, retailers, sales personnel or other middlemen.

We are persistent in our pursuit to make the best in furniture more accessible and believe we've found the best way to do so.

Furniture for now, for life

Carbon neutral footprint

Global warming is one of the biggest challenges of our time. In 20 years time we’ll be more than seven billion city dwellers. That’s an inevitable strain on cities. On communities. On the environment.

Sustainable design contributes to greener cities. We take specific actions to support this from the design process, to the selection of materials, manufacturing and smart packaging. 

The carbon emissions that can't be avoided, we offset through programs that reduce carbon emissions in the United States. Greener, cleaner cities make city living better for everyone.

Clean, Fresh Air In The Heart of The City

We’re excited to share that we’re adding state-of-the-art air cleaning technology to our Mosaic collection. Based on research from NASA, this eco-design breakthrough works in the same way plants clean the air.

We add the technology at less than our cost. It’s part of our commitment to help more city dwellers breathe clean air in their homes.


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